Compete more effectively

Save costs, time and money. Increase profitability by enabling the practitioner to delegate to both clients and colleagues. Minimise the time spent on routine volume work and instead to focus on the areas requiring real skills and professional experience.

offer new services

Offer clients bespoke automated documents.

No fixed templates - quickly alter and up-date the structure and content at any time.

Use any type of content - text and data, include photos, sound, animation, charts and videos.

Create interactive questionnaires and automate documents, contracts or reports.


O-Pro has multiple layers of sophisticated security you can tailor easily to your needs. Optional encryption is built in as standard. You can be confident that O-Pro is probably the most secure document automation system available.


Many times faster at creating automated sets of documents than any other system. Update and modify them in minutes.

re-use your intellectual property (i.p) - minimise risk

Share your knowledge with the rest of your team, enable them to access a library of "objects" - clauses and terms, or any other type of common asset including text, data, graphics, photos, animations, video, sound or external links. The team will have immediate access to the latest, most up-to-date versions of all objects - so fewer errors.

Collaborate easily

O-Pro's friendly, easy to use, interactive interface makes collaboration simple on-line, on a desktop or a mobile device.

Unrivalled metadata system

Metadata facilitates a total front and back-office revolution. For example, use it to:

  • create a powerful and sophisticated search and filtering system, which makes finding objects fast and easy;
  • create in-house systems that automatically advise content authors that an amendment is required because of statute or regulation updates;
  • monitor copyright permissions and access;
  • keep track of revisions;
  • monitor and record document life-cycle in minute detail, even down to paragraph level;
  • attribute responsibilities for individual items of content, even down to paragraph level;
  • set security alerts for attempted access infringements;
  • develop more accurate billing systems;
  • and more ...

I can see O-Pro totally transforming how we work.
Antonio Viñal : Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados